Never Fight Your Wetsuit Again

The original solution

Ever have issues putting on your wetsuit? Sick of the frustration of pulling and tugging of a wetsuit? Do you use the "plastic bag trick?" STOP!! The Slippy is the eco-solution. A low resistance "sock" that allows you to slip your wetsuit on. NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS! 


What is The Slippy?

Watch this short video and learn why this simple tool was created and how it has become a must have for anyone that uses a wetsuit.

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  • Easy to put on your wetsuit

    No more tugging, pulling and tearing your expensive wetsuit. With The Slippy, your wetsuit slips right on without the frustration

  • Environmentally Responsible

    The Slippy was created to replace the plastic plastic bag trick. Plus it's just so much easier to use. Say no to plastic!

  • Increase life of your wetsuit

    Without the tugging and tearing of the wetsuit when you put it on, the life of your wetsuit will increase

If you have a wetsuit...

You need The Slippy!  This ingenious product assists in the difficult task of putting on your wetsuit and has been tested and approved by Surfers, Surf Schools, SCUBA & Snorkeling Divers, Kayakers, Jet Skiers, Wakeboarders & Skiers.  If you have a have to have The Slippy!

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what our fans are saying

  • Tim, Surfer -San Diego, CA

    I have been using The Slippy for years. Nothing is more frustrating than hopping on one leg pushing my size 12 foot through ankle of my wetsuit. Not any more! The Slippy has made my daily wetsuit experience actually enjoyable. You have to try it.

  • Kim, Mom of 2 kid surfers, Manasquan, NJ

    The worst part of taking my two girls surfing was putting on their wetsuits. It was such a struggle even with one of them, but two? The Slippy changed the experience completely. Now they can put their own wetsuits on by themselves and no crying! Thank you Slippy!

  • Tom, SCUBA diver - Monterey, CA

    I was given a Slippy for Christmas last year. I am an avid diver and my 5 mil wetsuit is very difficult to put on. Luckily The Slippy makes this process super easy. Slips right on, that's it. Every SCUBA diver needs a Slippy

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