My name is Mike, the creator of The Slippy. I created The Slippy to help wetsuit owners get into their wetsuit without the frustration of pulling so hard you think you are going to tear your $400 investment. For years, I used the old "plastic bag trick," but those only last a few times. Living and surfing in San Diego, I wear a wetsuit 10 months out of the year and surf about 4 times a week. That equates to roughly 53 bags in the dump per year. Plus, as an avid environmentalist I was disgusted that I could not re-use those broken plastic bags and ended up in the overfilling landfill. 

Made of Polyester Ripstop, The Slippy eliminates friction from your foot sliding into the smallest part of the wetsuit. It is amazing how well it works and once you try it, you will always want one with you. 

The Slippy has been tested and approved by Surfers, Surf Schools, SCUBA & Snorkeling Divers, Kayakers, Jet Skiers, Wakeboarders & Skiers. Anybody who wears a wetsuit will benefit from The Slippy. The Slippy is also being used in Surf Shops that sell wetsuits. Trying on multiple wetsuits in a hot changing room is bad enough, but The Slippy helps with this process. Not only does The Slippy get you in the wetsuit quickly, it keeps the integrity of the new wetsuit without tearing it and having to deal with sending it back to the manufacturer. 

The Slippy makes for a great Birthday or Holiday gift for anybody who wears a wetsuit. Two sizes available for Men, Women & Children: Large & Medium (see below for size chart). Everyone that uses a wetsuit will love The Slippy! Remember, you only need one Slippy, buy accordingly.


The Slippy Testimonial from The Slippy on Vimeo.